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  1. Rotor 3D+ MTB PowerMeter

    Rotor 3D+ MTB PowerMeter

    The SRM-Rotor 3D+ PowerMeter is offered in two bolt circle diameters (BCD). 110mm for compact chain rings (50/34) or 130mm for standard chain rings (53/39). Rotor 3D+ cranks use the Trinity Drilling Process to create three holes drilled end to end, length-wise, through a solid piece of aluminum. This allows for an extremely low weight as well as an optimized weight to rigidity ratio. 

    The SRM-Rotor PowerMeter allows for more compatibility between frames and gives the same precision and durability found throughout the SRM Product line. The Rotor 3D+ model SRM PowerMeter allows for direct integration into BBRite and BB30/PF30 framesets. The Rotor 3D models allow for compatibility with standard BSA as well as press-fit BB90 frames using a 24mm steel bottom bracket spindle.

    Rotor 3D+ Crank Power Meter: Available in both 130mm BCD (53/39) and 110mm BCD (50/34)

    Shown with Rotor Q-Rings (not included). PowerMeters are sold with non-Q Praxis Works Chain Rings. 

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  2. Cannondale PowerMeter MTB
  3. SRAM XX1 1X MTB PowerMeter
  4. THM Clavicula M3 MTB
  6. FRM CU3-M11 Single MTB PowerMeter
  7. SRAM XX1 1X MTB PowerMeter

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  8. Origin PowerMeter MTB

    Origin PowerMeter MTB

    The SRM Origin PowerMeter, named for having all components designed by SRM - the original PowerMeter, is a modular-concept PowerMeter offering limitless compatibility with exchangeable spindles designed to accommodate road, mountain, and track frames. 

    The carbon model features the highest calibre LOOK carbon crank arms with Trilobe Technology which allows one crank arm to function in three lengths; 170mm, 172.5mm, 175mm.

    If this your first Power Meter or you are upgrading you must select a crank to accompany your SRM Origin.
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